About Us

Plastech Mining Supplies has access to a full range of support services to cover associated materials required to offer either components or complete products.

In addition to undertaking privately sponsored confidential work for respected clients, Plastech Mining Supplies has its own range of products developed for a range of applications for example, Hose and Pump Fittings, Hose Menders, Rock Drill Water Tubes, and Non-return Valves etc.

At Plastech Mining Supplies there are no red-tape delays in our quotations, order receipts and internal stores ordering processes. We have high regard for our clients and strict customer care policies that promotes taking close attention to customer needs and meeting them accordingly in the shortest possible time frame. Listening to our clients and striving to meet every requirement is crucial across all our staff. Urgency and flexibility is a culture that we have adopted as a company and have become our ‘modus operandi.’

Our supplies either equal or outperform our competitors, and our pricing is highly competitive. We manage this by continual research and development of the latest products on the market, keeping our overheads low and perpetually improving our in-house manufacturing processes.

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Products & Services

Plastech Mining Supplies is currently active in the following fields:

  • Injection Moulding, Specializing in Glass Filled Nylon (Including support services)
  • Rotational and Blow Moulding
  • Extrusion
  • Aluminium Casting
  • Steelwork: Manufacturing and Assembly
  • Bending, Cutting, Rolling, Welding, Machining of Plastic and Steel Parts, Lazer cutting

Our Work

In recent years Plastech has undertaken work in the following industries:

  • Agriculture
  • Forestry
  • Road Transport
  • Rail Transport
  • Medical - Hospitals
  • Steel Industry
  • Diamond Drilling
  • Construction
  • Electronics
  • Mining

Development and Research

Within this latter sector much of the work undertaken has been on the development and research into:

  • Safety Products
  • Roof Support Systems
  • Water & Air Reticulation
  • Pumps & Pumping Systems
  • Non-return & Pressure Release Valves
  • Pre-stress Bags
  • Rock Drill Accessories
  • Water Filtering Systems

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